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Яндекс цитирования

// О РКА // Личные страницы членов РКА // К. Цецура

625 N 4 St., apt. #4
Lafayette, IN 47901
Office phone (765) 494-7790
Fax (765) 496-1394
e-mail: tsetsura@purdue.edu


    Ph.D. candidate (ABD) Purdue University
    Communication Department (expected graduation date: May 2004)
    Major area: Public Affairs & Issue Management
    Minor areas: International/Intercultural Relations and Organizational/Industrial Communication
    Dissertation: "Social construction of identity of female Russian public relations practitioners"

    M.S. in Communication Fort
    Hays State University, Hays, KS

    Area: Public Relations (2000)
    Thesis: "Conceptual frameworks in the field of public relations: A comparative study of Russian and United States perspectives"

    Post-graduate student Voronezh State University
    Area: Public Relations (1998)
    Title of a kandidatskaya (Ph.D. candidate) dissertation "The development of public relations as a field of study in Russia"

    Specialist with a Diploma (M.A. equivalent) in Journalism and Advertising/Public Relations
    School of Journalism, Voronezh State University. Voronezh, Russia (1997)
    Thesis "Public relations as a social institute in Russia" was successfully defended in Russian and English

Professional Experience

    Academic Teaching Experience

    Instructor, JSA Summer School, Stanford University
    Junior Statesmen of America Stanford Summer School (Summer,2003)
    Teaching Speech Communication with emphasis in political and economic argumentation, rhetoric, and debate. Responsible for creating a syllabus, lecturing, developing in-class activities, and grading students' performances.

    Graduate Teaching Assistant Purdue University
    Department of Communication, Purdue University. Lafayette, IN (Fall 2000 - present)

    Graduate Teaching Assistant
    Department of Communication, Fort Hays State University. Hays, KS (1998 - 2000)

    Part-time instructor of Public Relations and Advertising
    School of Journalism. Voronezh State University, Russia (1997-1998)

    Instructor of the special program for honorary high school students
    School of Journalism, Voronezh State University, Russia (1998).

    Work Experience

    Free-lance columnist
    The Hays Daily News, Hays, KS (1998-2000)

    Publicity coordinator Sternberg Museum of Natural History. Fort Hays State University. Hays, KS (summer 1999)

    Director of Public Relations Department
    Voronezh regional youth non-profit organization "New View," Voronezh, Russia (1996-1998)

    Advisor editor
    City newspaper for teenagers "Pyatnitsa," Voronezh, Russia (1997-1998)

    Unique Black-Earth region of Russia official teenager information agency "Teen-press," Voronezh, Russia (1996-1998)

    Free-lance journalist
    Wrote for a number of print and broadcast media (1994-1998)

Professional Organizations

  • International Communication Association
  • International Public Relations Association
  • National Communication Association
  • PRSA Educators Academy
  • Central States Communication Association
  • Organization for Study of Communication, Language and Gender

Awards and Honors

    JSA Stanford Summer Session Communication
    Faculty Speaker
    Chosen to present a graduation speech on behalf of communication faculty at the JSA graduation ceremony at Stanford University. (Summer 2003)

    Graduate Teaching Certificate
    Awarded by the Office for Instructional Excellence, Purdue University. (2003)

    Monroe Scholar
    Department of Communication's Research Award, Purdue University. (2003)

    Top paper award
    Central States Communication Association, Argumentation and Forensics Division. (2002)

    Invited speaker
    Two closed meetings of the Commission for Public Relations Education of the PRSA Educators Academy. Presented a report on the translation of the Commission report "Port of entry" in Russian (2000) and a report on the PR education in Russia. (2001)

    2001 Top Thesis Recognition
    Top Master's theses university-wide award, Fort Hays State University. (1999-2000)

    Invited Panelist
    Chair's panel of the Public Relations Division on international applications of the PRSA Educators Academy Commission report "Port of entry" on public relations education. International Communication Association conference. Acapulco, Mexico (2000, June)

Grants, Fellowships and Scholarships

    Susanne A. Roschwalb Grant
    International PR research travel grant, PR division of AEJMC. (2003)

    Purdue Travel Grant
    Purdue University Graduate Student Government. (Spring, 2003)

    Purdue Research Foundation
    Summer grant for preliminary research and data gathering for the dissertation. (Summer, 2002)

    Purdue Travel Grant
    Purdue University Graduate Student Association. (Fall, 2001)

    Global Supplementary Grant Open Society Institute
    A special grant of OSI (Soros Foundation) for doctoral students in humanities and social sciences to support doctoral studies and research. (2001/2002 academic year)

    Rotary Scholarship
    Rotary International Club. (1999/2000 academic year)

    Graduate School Scholarship
    Fort Hays State University. (1998/1999 academic year)

    Student fellowship named after Peter the Great
    Provided by the governor of Voronezh region to the best ten students of the region. (1996/1997 academic year)

    Personal student fellowship for the excellent study and research works
    Provided by Voronezh University. (1995/1996 year)

    Special scholarship for the excellent study and service activities
    Provided by School of Journalism, Voronezh State University. (1994/1995 academic year)

International Research

    A Composite Index by Country (66 countries) of Variables Related to the Likelihood of the Existence of "Cash for News Coverage"
    Commissioned by the Institute for Public Relations (USA), The International Public Relations Association (UK) and sponsored by the Hurriyet Media Group (Turkey)
    Co-researcher with Dr. Dean Kruckeberg, University of Northern Iowa.
    First index was developed in 2002-2003. The next index is expected to be commissioned in 2004-2005.

Panel presentations

  • Tsetsura, K. (2003, November). Teaching Communication and Law: Ideas for the classroom. Participant at the competitively chosen panel at the National Communication Association 2003 Convention. Miami, FL.
  • Tsetsura, K. (2003, April). Effective e-communication with students outside of the classroom. Poster session presented at the 6th Annual Teaching and Learning with technology conference at Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN.
  • Tsetsura, K. (2001, November). How study of the American corporate campaign phenomenon can help corporate public relations in other countries to move toward more ethical practice. Paper was accepted to presentation at the National Communication Association Convention, Atlanta, GA.
  • Tsetsura, K. (2001, May). How well do American heroes sell products in Russia? To the question of cross-cultural aspects of public relations campaigns. Paper presented at the International Communication Association conference, Washington, D.C.
  • Tsetsura, K. (2001, March). Working as an intern in public relations: Brief analysis of past internships in Russian and United States non-profit organizations. Panel presentation at the 4th PRSA Educators Academy international interdisciplinary conference, Miami.
  • Tsetsura, K. (2000, June). Applications of PRSA report on public relations education "Port of Entry" in Russia. Paper presented at the Chair's panel of the International Communication Association conference, Acapulco, Mexico.
  • Tsetsura, K. (1999, October). The role of female public relations practitioners in the public relations development in Russia. Paper presented at the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender (OSCLG) Conference, Wichita, KS.
  • Tsetsura, K. (1999, April). Women and the Development of Public Relations in Russia. Paper presented at Central and Southern States Communication Association Convention, St. Louis, MO.

Service Activities

    International Communication Association Student Board Member,
    Elected to a two-year term, 2002-2004.

    National Communication Association Ushers Committee Volunteer
    2002 NCA annual conference.

    University Appeals Committee, graduate student member
    Purdue University (2003/2004).

    Senator, Purdue Graduate Student Government
    Purdue University (2003/2004).

Master's coursework

  • Contemporary theories in communication
  • Introduction to graduate research in communication
  • Principles of public relations and organizations
  • Promotion strategy in marketing
  • Seminar in Communication: Advertising management, media analysis and planning
  • Problems in communication: Intercultural communication
  • Conflict management through communication
  • Persuasion
  • Organizational communication and leadership
  • Workshop in psychology: Critical thinking, problem solving, games and life
  • Workshop in psychology: Cross-cultural psychology
  • Workshop in psychology: Improving interpersonal relationship
  • Problems in speech-language pathology: Accent modification for international students
  • Language skills in the professions
  • Introduction to creative writing
  • International Marketing (audit)
  • Consumer Behavior (audit)
  • Theories of Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy (audit)


  • Fluent English and Russian
  • Good Ukrainian and Belorussian anguage skills
  • Limited working French
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