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"Multimedia and Information & Communications Technologies in Education (m-ICTE2003)"

30 2003

3-6 2003 Badajoz ()


Deadline for abstracts submission was extended to June 30th, although an early submission is appreciated to avoid saturations the day before the deadline.


Papers which are not suitable for the journals will be published in the book "Technology-based Eduation for a Knowledge-based Information Society", which will be edited in a citeable form (ISBN) and internationally distributed. These proceedings serve as major sources in the IT & Education community. The printed Proceedings Volume is intended to be ready for distribution at the beginnig of the conference. For this reason all the potential contributors are strongly encouraged to strictly follow the deadlines.

We are pleased to announce that some leading international publications will edit special issues based on (research) papers presented at m-ICTE2003. Papers on researches in progress, projects descriptions, technical notes, divulgation colums, and similar papers are very interesting for the Conference, but can be not considered for the journal publications (they will be included in the book edition)
A selection of authors of very good research papers will be invited to write extended versions for publication in several special issues. These are the journals from which we have received positive proposals for collaboration as publishers:
- International Journal of Learning Technology (IJLT) (published by Inderscience)
- Educational Media International [web]- Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE). The quarterly JRTE publishes articles that report on original research, system or project descriptions and evaluations, syntheses of the literature, assessments of the state of the art, and theoretical or conceptual positions that relate to educational computing. International in scope and thorough in its coverage, the theoretical and conceptual articles in JRTE define the state of the art and future horizons of educational computing.
- European Journal of Special Needs Education (specially with papers presented at the Workshop of ICTs for People with Special Needs).
- Journal of Distance Education (papers mostly related to Distance Education, Virtual Campus, Quality assesment in Open/Distance education, etc.)
- The Internet and Higher Education (published by Elsevier). The Internet and Higher Education, a is quarterly journal devoted to addressing contemporary issues and future developments related to online learning, teaching, and administration on the Internet in post-secondary settings. It is a peer-reviewed journal intended to be a vehicle for scholarly presentation and dissemination of contributions, theoretical and applied, significantly addressing innovative deployments of Internet technology in instruction and reporting on research to demonstrate the effects of the Internet and information technology (IT) on instruction in various contexts in higher education
- Technology, Pedagogy and Education journal [web] Technology, Pedagogy and Education is a fully-refereed international journal concerned with supporting educators in the integration of information technology in the teaching and learning process.
- Research in Science & Technological Education journal [web] (specially for the papers presented within the Workshop on Multimedia and ICTs in Science Education and Publlic Communication). Research in Science & Technological Education publishes original research from throughout the world dealing with science education and/or technological education. It publishes articles on psychological, sociological, economic and organisational aspects of science and technological education, as well as evaluation studies of curriculum development in these fields
- Journal of Educational Media [web] The journal is particularly interested in articles that have a focus on 'education' and not just on 'media'. We like articles that do more than just present teacher's or developer's case studies, e.g. 'This is how we used WebCT in Physics', 'Videoconferencing in Economics', etc. We prefer ones that include findings from evaluation studies, etc. and can illuminate 'educational media in real use' rather than just what the developers hoped would happen.
The goal of the Conference organizers is to produce high quality and high impact special issues of the participating Journals.

In order to produce high quality proceedings, we are calling for external scientific reviewers. If you are interested in taking part of the Conference as reviewer, please contact us with your contact data, field (s) of expertise and your list of publications. The list of Scientific Reviewers will also appear in the Conference publication.

Thinking in those researchers directly related with the Conference topics which are not able to attend it in person (usually due to insufficient funding to cost all the conference expenses: travel, accommodation, registration, etc.), a Virtual Participation modality has be established, with the same validity than "physical" one (certificates, publications, etc.). For this type of presentations, authors will be requested to send "virtual posters" (for example, "Power Point" presentations), to be exposed at the PCs available at the posters rooms, as well as the corresponding paper (if any) for review. Every virtual paper/poster will have an electronic forum associated, which will allow interested researchers and authors to e-interact, even after the end of the Conference. Authors of these type of posters are requested to reply or discuss the commentaries/questions on their paper(s). If you are interested in this type of participation, please indicate it both in your abstract and your pre- and registration forms.

The Social Program for accompanying persons is already available at the conference website in its preliminary form (detailed schedules to be determined)

Thank you for your time, and we hope to meet you in Badajoz this December!

Jose Antonio Mesa Gonzalez
Ines Solo de Zaldivar Maldonado
m-ICTE2003 Secretariat
E-mail: m-icte2003@formatex.org

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