Open Seminar course in Intercultural Communication

Dear colleagues,
The next open Seminar course in Intercultural Communication: DIVERSITY IN PRACTICE will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 9 - 14, 2003

The six-day course is divided into two modules which may be applied for separately.


• Diversity and pluralism: exploring equity in organisations

• A review of relevant theory and research

• Assessing degree of diversity and planning for continued growth and learning

• Methodology: effective intercultural and diversity programmes

• Cultural identity: Factors affecting formation, change and adaptation

• Migration, expatriation, international student exchanges: relevance and consequences for individuals and groups

• Recognising and managing intercultural friction and conflict

• Developing and implementing effective acculturation programmes for individuals with culturally complex backgrounds

This will be the 15th such seminar course organised by Consultants Interculturele Communicatie - CIC, in Amsterdam.

Academic graduate credit is offered through The College of Extended Learning, Communications Department, California State University Northridge, USA.

For more information and on-line application, visit:

Or contact Jorge DМaz
Course Administrator
Tel: 31 20 6242212

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