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BOGIN, Georgiy Isaevich (has died in 2002)
(Tver State University)

Honored Scholar of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Philological Sciences; professor, the author of many works on philological hermeneutics, a well-known person in Russia and abroad.

G. I. Bogin graduated with honors from the Leningrad University, worked at the English Language department Bashkir University under the supervision of Y. M. Screbnev, headed the English Language department of the Kokshetaw Pedagogical Institute (now University). Since 1974 he has been working at the English Philology department of Tver University. Below you can read what he writes about his research:

Many years ago I got acquainted with the outstanding methodologist Georgy Petrovich Schedrovitsky (23.02.29. - 4.02.94.), and under his influence started to introduce some of his methodological ideas into philological culture. G. P. Schedrovitsky himself was not a philologist, but he developed the methodology in such a way that one could use it in any branch of scientific, economic, pedagogical, political, and other area. When he was still alive, he approved of my attempts of "professional vulgarization of methodology' (the word "vulgarization" does not have any negative connotation among methodologists and means the introduction something in culture). After this wonderful person's death, I have been working no my own, continuing this endeavor.

Thanks to G. I. Bogin's efforts, a large number of Tver researches got interested in the problems, dealing with G.A. Schedrovitsky's methodology, especially the improvement of the understanding of culture texts. Their works have been included in 12 collections of articles, published in Tver. They have also published over 10 books and 200 articles on the questions of understanding, reflection and interpretation, mostly in a methodological aspect.

Due to the interest for the hermeneutics, in 1990 G. I. Bogin and his colleagues (on G.P. Schedrovitsky's initiative) began to conduct international conferences on the topic "Understanding and Reflection in Communication, Culture, and Education," which attracted not only scholars interested in philological, but also philosophical, economic, political, geographical, and another types of hermeneutics. The total number of the conferences was seven; the eighth one is being prepared, though the organizers are experiencing financial problems and most of the work is done by volunteers. The recent ten years have also been remarkable for the emergence of contacts with colleagues from different cities and countries. G.I. Bogin and other scholars - representatives of the Tver hermeneutic school - have been making presentations at the conferences in the USA, Germany, Austria, Poland, etc.

Thanks to Prof. Bogin's enthusiasm and selfless work, the electronic journal Hermeneutics in Russia has been published since 1997. Hundreds of articles have been published or prepared for publication.

G. I. Bogin is the author of 330 research works. The most significant of them are:

  • Text interpretation: instructional material for the fourth-year full-time and fifth - year correspondence students of English department. - Tver: TSU, 1995. - 38 pp.
  • Intentionality as a reflection vector. // Thoughts about thoughts. - Novosibirsk, 1995. V. III: Intellectual systems: mastering and development. - Part 2: Semiotics structures of thinking. - P. 86 - 102.
  • Non - cultural communication. // A person speaking. Language, culture, cognition. - M.: Institute of RAS and others. 1995. - P. 70 - 85.
  • System of meanings in a text as the space of significant experience // Philologica. (Krasnodar). 1995, №8. - P. 7 - 11.
  • Paremiological means of reflexion awakening. (To the national pedagogy of Yakuts and Buryats // Language - myth - culture of Siberian peoples. Yakutsk, 1996. - P. 137 - 154.
  • L.N. Tolstoy's notion of an ideal artistic text-production. // Understanding as a discretion and a sense construction. Tver: TSU, 1996. - Part I. P. 45 - 59.
  • Meaningful experience as a necessary part of a meaning system. Hermeneutics in Russia, 1997, №3.
  • Substance of an intentional act of a native-speaker of a language. // Hermeneutics in Russia, 1997, №3.
  • Typology and system of techniques of text understanding. // Hermeneutics in Russia, 1998, №3.
  • Hermeneutics and people's education. // Scientific - methodological collection (City Department of people's education) - Tver, 1998.
  • Two elements of understanding: spiritual and technical. // Studia methodological. Ternopol, 1998.
  • Texts emerging from language game. // Philology, 1998, 14. - Krasnodar.
  • Text of a variety song as a subject of sociolinguistic and sociopedagogical interpretation. - Kokshetaw, 1999. P. 47 - 56.
  • The elementary levels of the development of language personality of a pupil as a format for success definition of his philological preparation. (A textbook for methodologists and teachers). Part I.
  • The sources of a non-obvious dynamics of a text. // Anglistica. - Tver: TSU, 1999. P. 9 - 23.
  • Development of axiologically literate attitude to the text as one of the applied linguistics tasks. Kokshetaw. 2000.
  • Techniques of understanding - general linguistics and general philological problem. // Vestnik of Grodno University. Series 1, №3 (5), 2000. p. 118 - 125.
  • The reflective experiences of the human body in Modernism and Postmodernism. // http://gradnet.de/pomo2.archives/pomo99.papers/pomoArch99.htm#BoginPap - Erlangen, 2000.
  • Methodological textbook on an artistic text interpretation (for those who are engaged in foreign philology): //http://www.auditorium.ru/literature/index.htm
  • Methodological Problems of Understanding Texts of Culture. // Rozwazania metodologiczne: Jezyk - literature - teatr. - Warszawa: Uniwersytet, 2000. P. 130 - 149.
  • Understanding as Freedom, as Culture, as Techniques. // RSCI Journal of Systematic Philosophy. Vol. 3, №1. The permanent URL of the article is http://www.realscincom/infobox.cfm/key/2001011614450
  • Hermeneutically and rhetorically oriented methods of teaching. // Russian language abroad. M., 2000. - P. 72 -82.
  • Acquisition the possibility to understand: Introduction to philological hermeneutics. - M.: "Psychology and Business On - line". - M.: http://www.psycho.ru 2001. - P. 516. (CD. "Psycholinguistics - 2001")
  • Intention, Intending, Intentionality, Intentionalism and Anti-Intentionalism. Traveling Concepts // Traveling Concepts: Meaning. (Materials of the Conference: Amsterdam, March 7 - 9, 2001). - Amsterdam, 2001. - P. 9 - 16.
  • E.D. Polivanov's notion about divergence and modern conceptions of an artistic text - production. // E.D. Polivanov and his ideas in modern elucidation. - Collection of articles. - Smolensk, SSPU, 2001. P. 133 - 143.
  • School of reflection. // Methodology of modern linguistics: Problems, researches, perspectives. - Barnaul, 2000. Part 41 - 51.
  • Methodological Problems of Understanding Good Literature. // Poetic Theory (e-journal) [Edited by William Allegrezza: http://www.moriapoetry.com 2000.
  • Relativity of boundaries between national mentalities in the conceptions of cultural communication. // Culture of the world; Perspectives on the verge of XXth century - Tver: IREX, TSU, 2001. - P. 51 - 55.
  • Mental education with the help of ritual means. // A ritual in the space of cultures: Material of the international forum. February, 26 - March, 7, 2001. - St. Petersburg, 2001. - P. 22 - 25.
  • Reading L.N. Tolstoy - school of reflection and reflexivity. // Spiritual heritage of L. Tolstoy and modern times; XXVI Tolstoy's readings. - Vol II. Tula. TSPU and others. 2000. - P. 107 - 119.
  • Reflection as a condition of discretion an artistic idea. // Interaction music with other arts. - Chelyabinsk, 2000. - P. 29 - 42.

List of post-graduate students, those working towards a doctor's degree and candidates, defending dissertations (academic advisor Professor G.I. Bogin)

  1. Likhachev Oleg Ivanovich. "Deliberate deviation from normative using words and sentences as a philological problem". Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (for a candidate's philological degree) (10.02.04). Place of defence - Kalinin University, 1985.
  2. Krukova Natalia Fedorovna. "Metaphor as a means of understanding of the text content". Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (10.02.19) Place of defense - the Moscow University, Dissertation Board D 053.05.16, 1989.
  3. Galeeva Natalia Leonidovna. "Understanding of the original text as a component of a translator artistic literature activity". Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (10.02.19) Place of defense - The Leningrad University, Dissertation Board K 053.57.52, 1991.
  4. Levintova Elena Nikolaevna. "Experience of a linguistics theory genre construction". Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (10.02.19) Place of defense - Moscow Linguistics University, Dissertation Board 053.17.01. 1991.
  5. Oborina Marina Vladimirovna. "Notion "Implicative and explicative tendencies of text - constraction" as a means of text interpretation". Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (10.02.19) Place of defence - Moscow Linguistics University, Dissertation Board D 053.17.01, 1993.
  6. Imaeva Elena Zaynetdinovna. "Prose rhyme as a means of improving of understanding non-obviously given text meanings". (using the material of English, Russian, and Bashkir prose). Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (10.02.19) Place of defence - Moscow Linguistics University, Dissertation Board D 053.17.01, 1993.
  7. Karmanova Zoya Yakovlevna. "The problem of optimization of scientific - technique texts'. Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (10.02.19) Place of defence - Moscow Linguistics University, Dissertation Board 053.17.01. 1993.
  8. Vasilyeva Olga Fedorovna. "Understanding of an artistic text in conditions of teaching Russian language as a foreign one". Dissertation for a candidate's degree of pedagogical science. (10.02.19) Place of defence - Moscow University, Dissertation Board D 053.05.83. 1995.
  9. Bogatirev Andrey Anatolyevich. "Textual ezotirics as a means of optimization of an artistic influence". Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (10.02.19) Place of defence - Tver University, Dissertation Board K 063.97.10. 1996.
  10. Kolodina Nina Ivanovna. "An artistic detail as a means of text - construction, engaging a reader in a reflective act". Dissertation for a candidate's degree of philological science. (10.02.19) place of defence - Tver University, Dissertation Board K 063.97.10. 1997.
  11. Pereligina E.M. "Chatartic function of a text". Place of defence - TSU,1998.
  12. Solovyeva I.B. "The typology of hermeneutic situation in the actions of a text recipient". Place of defence - TSU, 1999.
  13. Bushev A.B. "Language peculiarities of the text, used in psychotherapeutic communication". Place of defense - TSU, 2000.
  14. Nefedova N.V. "Syntactic complication as a means of reflection awaking". Place of defence - TSU, 2000.
  15. Sovakov B.N. "Stimulation of meaningful experience with the help of text means". Place of defence - TSU, 2001.

Doctoral Dissertations

  1. Galeeva N.L. "An active translation theory". (Ekaterinberg, 1999).
  2. Kryukova N.F. "Metaphorization and metaphoricity as parameters of reflective action under text - production and reception". (MSLU, 2000)
  3. Makeeva M.N. 'Rhetoric program of a producer as a ground of hermeneutic action of a recipient". (Kuban University, 2000)
  4. Vasilyeva O.F. "Methods of an interpretational type in the practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language". (MSU, 2000).

Participants in the hermeneutic conferences, residing in Tver.

  • Bogatirev Andrey Anatolyevich
  • Donskov Sergey Vadimovich
  • Bushev Alexander Borisovich
  • Romanov Alexey Arkadyevich
  • Lvova Yulia Anatolyevna
  • Zharinova Tatyana Nicolaevna
  • Makarov Michail Lvovich
  • Solovyeva Vitaliya Stanislavovna
  • Bistrov Andrey
  • Kalberg Alya
  • Malisheva Elena Anatolyevna
  • Solovyeva Irina Valeryevna
  • Vasilyeva Olga Fedorovna
  • Komogortseva Irina Fedorovna
  • Maslennikova Evgenia Mikhailovna
  • Suvorina Elena Alexandrovna
  • Veselova Natalya Anatolyivna
  • Kornievskiy Alexey Ivanovich
  • Merkulova Elena Gennadyevna
  • Trirog Marina Yuryevna
  • Volkov Valeriy Vyacheslavovich
  • Krukova Natalya Fedorovna
  • Oborina Marina Vladimirovna
  • Fomenko Igor Vladimirovich
  • Galeeva Natalya Leonidovna
  • Lebedev Vladimir Yuryevich
  • Otstavnov Maxim Evgenyevich
  • Frolov Kirill
  • Galkina Olga
  • Libman Natalya Genrikhovna
  • Pastushenko Ilya Nikolaevich
  • Khanskiy Alexandre Olegovich
  • Grakhovskaya Olga
  • Lisina Yulia Arkadyevna
  • Pereligina Elena Mikhailovna
  • Shakhin Olga Vladimirovna
  • Gubman Boris Lvovich
  • Pimakhina Oksana

In addition approximately 200 people from different cities took part in 7 conferences.

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