III International Russian Communication Association Conference-2006


Saint-Petersburg June 14, 2006
  1. To delegate Irina Rozina and Sergey Klyagin the authority to represent the RCA Coordination Committee.
  2. To hold a by-election of new Coordination Committee members and members responsible for key directions of RCA activity. To hold the reelection of the RCA's president and vice-president in September-October 2006.
  3. To approve the RCA revision committee of Elena Zhukova and Nadezhda Kazarinova.
  4. To continue RCA activities on organizational and strategic development of the Association as stipulated in its Constitution. To delegate the Association's Coordination Committee the powers with regards to practical expediency in supporting the activities in key directions of RCA work.
  5. To develop and adopt RCA Membership Regulations (September 2006).
  6. To attract additional financing in the form of sponsorship, grants, cooperation with commercial organizations and funds.
  7. To continue the organization of international in-service summer training schools for young teachers and specialists in the theory and practice of communication (Irina Rozina).
  8. To enhance a joint book project (Irina Rozina, Nancy Jackson).
  9. To continue a joint project on using the ICA resources for the RCA (Sergey Klyagin).
  10. To continue the creation of the RCA's electronic library (Marina Raskladkina).
  11. To continue the dissemination of information in the field of communication and communication education via the RCA site, the RCA mail lists (Irina Rozina, Marina Raskladkina, David Williams) and the RCA Bulletin (Maxim Kravets, Natalya Eydelman). To focus attention on supporting and enhancing the content of the English version of these electronic resources.
  12. To broaden forms of cooperation between the RCA, regional communication association "Metacommunication" (Rostov-on-Don), NARCA (USA) and partner-organizations, including joint research, collections of works, conferences, workshops and schools, contests, etc. (Irina Rozina, David Williams).
  13. To continue the development and promotion of the RCA among other public, state and political organizations (Sergey Klyagin).
  14. To broaden RCA partnership relations with foreign communication associations: NCA, ICA, WCA, etc. (Irina Rozina).
  15. To develop Regulations of RCA partnership relations with educational, informational and other public and state organizations (Sergey Klyagin, Irina Rozina)
  16. To continue the publication of the RCA's Vestnik and other joint RCA collections of works, paying special attention to the quality of articles and their editing. To enhance the activity of the RCA's Review Board in cooperation with NARCA (Ilgar Alekperov, David Williams).
  17. To thank the members of the organizing and program committees for the preparation and successful running of the conference. To express special thanks to the most active members of these committees: Olga G. Filatova, Alyona Dyakova, Olga I. Matyash. To also express thanks to additional members who offered their conference-related assistance: Dan Buskey, Ludmila Korolkova, Maureen Minielli, Marina Raskladkina, Elena Zhukova, Sergey Klyagin, Vadim Golubev and the student guides from St. Petersburg State University and M.A. Bonch-Bruevich State University.
  18. To express additional thanks to the faculty and staff of the Popov Museum, M.A. Bonch-Bruevich State Telecommunications University and the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics, and Law for their coordination and use of facilities for the Conference, and the faculty and staff of St. Petersburg State University and Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture for their conference assistance and support.
  19. To express gratitude to the NARCA as represented by David Williams for providing sponsorship for the conference.
  20. To thank the Institute of Management, Business and Law (Rostov-on-Don) for preparation and publication of the 4th issue of the RCA Vestnik (rector, prof. Imran G. Akperov) and prof. Steven Beebe (Texas State University-San Marcos, USA) for the publication of the electronic version of proceedings submitted by the foreign participants of the conference.
  21. To organize the next RCA conference in Moscow in 2008 (Olga Kryukova, Irina Rozina, Maureen Minielli).
  22. To develop recommendations for organizing the international conferences, workshops and RCA schools on the basis of the participants' survey and analysis of past experience (Olga Sergeyeva, Elena Zhukova, Maureen Minielli).
  23. In a frame of conference Communication-2008 managing to organize a contest of publications by the RCA members (Marina Raskladkina) and students' works (Galina Maximova) on communication with the support of NARCA (David Williams).

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