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The with-chairman - Nadezhda L. GREYDINA, Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Pyatigorsk, Russia

The with-chairman - Victoria I. TUZLUKOVA, Rostov State Pedagogical University, Rostov, Russia

Russian group of reviewers and experts:

    Prof. Lev G. VASILIEV, Doctor of Science in Linguistics, Kaluga State Pedagogical University. Dr. Vasiliev's research interests include linguo-argumentation, persuasion and argumentation.

    Prof. Nadezhda L. GREYDINA, Doctor of Science in Linguistics, Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Chairman of the Department of classical Filology and Rhetoric. Prof. Greydina specializes in intercultural communication, rhetoric, speech communication, speech communication, public speaking, speech culture, nonverbal communication.

    Prof. Violetta M. GRYAZNOVA, Doctor of Science in Linguistics, Chair of the Department, Stavropol State University, Stavropol, Russia

    Prof. Jozef M. DZYALOSHINSKY, Doctor of Science in Philology, Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Independent Institute for Communicavistics; President of the Civil Rights Foundation and its Commission on the Freedom for Information Access. Dr. Dzyaloshinsky's interests include mass-mediated communication, political, organizational, professional, business communication, and public relations.

    Prof. Sergey V. KLYAGIN, Doctor of Science in Philosophy from the Russian State Humanities University's, Department of History, School of History, Political Sciences and Law; Chairman of the Department of Social Communication and Technology. Dr. Klyagin specializes in communication theory, organizational, professional, business communication, and public relations.

    Dr. Elena Yu. KOLTSOVA, Candidate of Social Sciences, Saint-Petersburg Branch of State University Higher School of Economics, Associate professor in the Department of Sociology; associate researcher at the Center for Independent Sociological Research. Professor Koltsova's research interests include mass-mediated communication and political communication.

    Dr. Natalia V. MALIMONOVA, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Kharkiv Karmazin National University, School of Foreign Languages, Associate Professor of the Department for English Philology. Dr. Malimonova's research interests include communication theory, interpersonal communication, and communication research methods.

    Dr. Tatyana V. MILEVSKAYA, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Rostov State Pedagogical University, Associate professor at the Department of Russian Language and Theory of Language. Dr. Milevskaia's areas of specialization include communication theory, rhetoric, speech communication, public speaking, speech culture, cultural anthropology, as well as language and communication in cultural context.

    Prof. Natalia V. MURAVIEVA, Doctor of Science in Philology

    Oxana A. RODIONOVA, Editor-in-chief of the magazine Teacher of the Year, a supplement to Teachers' Newspaper. O. A. Rodionova's areas of research interest include communication theory, mass-mediated communication, and instructional communication.

    Elena N. OSIPOVA, graduate student, Russian Humanities State University, School of History, Political Sciences, and Law, Department of Social Communication and Technology. E. N. Osipova's research interests include communication theory, public relations, and computer-mediated communication.

    Dr. Andrey STOYANOVICH, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Belgrade University, School of Agriculture, Department of Foreign Languages. Dr. Stojanovich's areas of specialization include speech communication, scholarly speech stylistics, conflict studies, language and communication (in the academic community) in the context of culture.

    Yulia V. TOLSTIKOV-MAST, Doctoral student in the Department of Communication, Memphis University, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Y. Tolstikova-Mast's research interests include intercultural and international communication, organizational, professional, business communication, and communication theory.

    Prof. Victoria I. TUZLUKOVA Doctor of Science in Philology, Rostov State Pedagogical University, Department of English Language. Dr. Tuzlukova specializes in cross-cultural communication, organizational communication as well as professional and business communication.

American group of experts and reviewers:

    Dr. Kate Ksobiech, (Head of the Group). Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin, Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR). Dr. Ksobiech's work as a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for AIDS Intervention Research has afforded her the opportunity to be involved with projects aimed at reducing the spread of HIV among various high-risk populations in and around St. Petersburg, Russia. Her areas of research interest include audience analysis and message design, computer-mediated communication, intercultural communication, and persuasive campaigns.

    Dr. Susan Wildermuth, Assistant Professor in the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's Department of Communication, is interested in the communication research areas of intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, and computer-mediated communication.

    Dr. Joe Downing, Assistant Professor, CCPA, Southern Methodist University. Dr. Downing's areas of interest include computer-mediated communication, diffusion of innovations, employee crisis communication, research methods, organizational communication, knowledge management, and public relations.

    Dr. Frank Dance, the John Evan Professor of Human Communication Studies at University of Denver, Colorado, is well-known in the communication field. He has served as President of the National Communication Association in 1982 and President of the International Communication Association in 1967. Dr. Dance's areas of specialization include spoken language theory, human communication theory, instructional communication, and digital noesis.

    Dr. Suzanne McCorkle, is a Professor of Communication and the Director of Conflict Management at Boise State University, Boise, Idaho. Her areas of research interest focus upon communication and conflict, instructional communication, as well as rhetoric and public speaking.

    Ms. Katerina Tsetura, a doctoral student working on her dissertation in the Department of Communication at Purdue University, in Indiana. She is most interested in public relations, mass communication, persuasion and argumentation as her research interests.

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