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The international forum

38 countries will take part in discussion of planetary ethics' formation at the forum in Moscow

On June, 7-8th the International organization "Platform Dialogue Eurasia" holds a forum in Moscow "FROM TERROR TO PLANETARY ETHICS: RELIGIONS AND THE WORLD". The forum will take place at the State Kremlin Palace. Wide multiconfessional and interethnic representation is expected. At the moment there are negotiations of organizers with representatives of cultural and political elite of Russia. Representatives of religious faiths, and also the leading research centers and institutes of the interethnic attitudes, known scientists are invited as lecturers. As participation in a forum will be accepted with journalistic and literary associations of the countries of Eurasia. Among guests of honour will be: mayor of Ankara Gokchekh Melih, the president of Commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation Evgenie Primakov. Performance of the chapter of Russian Orthodox Church - patriarch Alexey II is planned, also the opportunity of inclusion of visiting of a forum in an operating schedule of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is considered. The chapter of Great national assembly (parliament) of Turkey Arynch Bulent will visit a forum in parallel with the official visit to Russia (on June, 6-9th).

The main organizer of forum is the international noncommercial organization "Platform Dialogue Eurasia" (chairman - professor Ilber Ortajly), created under the initiative of turkish journalists and the writers, based in Istanbul and opened the representations already in all territory of Eurasia. The purpose of the organization - association of intellectuals of the countries of region for development of dialogue between people.

The agenda will be the wave of the terrorism which has overflowed all world. This problem has not left indifferent representatives of intellectual circles of Russia, Turkey, the USA, Germany, the Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and also other Euroasian countries which have expressed desire to take part in a forum. In total 38 countries are going to take part in forum.

Religions cannot preach terror, and should promote strengthening of tolerance and mutual understanding between various cultures and religions. Organizers of the forum consider, that the responsibility for it substantially lays down on shoulders of intellectuals. The fact can be pointed out, that scientists-participants of a forum are representatives practically all world faiths. On the foreground they expose categories of love and tolerance - key in formation of planetary ethics.

The program of a forum includes section on following themes:

  • Legitimacy, political actors and systems of values.
  • The political, social, cultural and economic reasons of violence.
  • Religion, belief and tradition with their contribution to formation of planetary ethics.
  • The individual and civil social movements; planetary ethics.
  • Posiible executable peace-making projects.
    • Moreover, for discussion of delegates other questions, concerning coexistences and developments of various cultures in conditions of processes of globalization will be born.
    • Work of organizing committee had actively joined known scientists and public figures: director of institute of Oriental studies of Russian Academy of Science Rostislav Rybakov, director of Institute of the countries of Asia and Africa of the Moscow State University Michael Meyer, chairman of "Platform Dialogue Eurasia " professor Ilber Ortajly (historian) and many other figures.
    • Support of the organization of a forum render: Russian Public Relations Association, the Congress of the Jewish religious communities (Russian Federation), Advice of muftis of Russia, Fund of journalists and writers (Turkey), and as:
      • The government of Moscow
      • Aytmatov Foundation, Kyrgyzia
      • Azerbaijan Writers Union
      • Academy of Sciences - Research Institution of Inter Ethnic Relations, Moldova
      • Buddhist Traditional Sangha Of The Russia
      • The East University, Russia
      • The Journalists & Writers Foundation, Turkey
      • Foundation of Supporting to Business Life and Adding Education, Georgia
      • Academy of Sciences, Kazakhstan
      • International Association, Peace Through Culture, Russia
      • The Intercultural Dialogue Platform, Turkey
      • Moscow University - Central Asia and Caucasus, Russia
      • Permanent Mission in Moscow, Russian
      • St. Petersburg University, Russia
      • Wisconsin University Center of Turkish Research, USA
      • Dialogue Society, England
      • Intercultural Dialog Platform, Belgium
      • Forum "For Intercultular Dialog", Germany

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