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Dear Colleague,

In anticipation of projects American Councils is seeking consultants.

Our projects are usually designed to modernize the education systems in Russia, Eurasia and South-Eastern Europe. Typically, a longer-term aim of each project is to provide students with the basic skills needed to function effectively in a modern market economy and an open society. We have won a number of World Bank, ADB, USAID -funded assignments and are particularly well positioned to compete for them in the coming months. Generally these consultancies may last from three months to two years.

Typically, our consultants possess the following qualifications:

Advanced degree in education (doctoral preferred).

Professional Experience
Functional: 5 -10 years of professional experience in one or several

fields listed below

1) Assessment & Quality Assurance

  • National education quality monitoring, evaluation and assurance
  • Regional and local educational quality monitoring
  • Test Development
  • Test Administration
  • National Student Assessment
  • Project Monitoring/Evaluation

    2) Curriculum Development

    • Modernization of curricula
    • Implementation of curricula
    • Curriculum Development for distance learning or cd-rom
    • Vocational Ed or Core Skills Modernization and Implementation

    3) Education Administration

    • Education administration, management at national, regional and local levels
    • Education/School management training
    • Regional educational statistical systems
    • Education information systems
    • Education finance training
    • Vocational network development

    4) Training & Modern Teaching

    • Teacher training/professional development
    • Modern teaching methods
    • Teacher and vocational training
    • Training planning, development
    • Training program implementation
    • Training materials development
    • Training evaluation
    • Training in IT

    5) Training of Trainers

    • Teacher Training Institutes
    • Local trainers

    6) English Language Training

    7) IT & Distance Learning

    • Creation of distance learning systems
    • Creation of distance learning centers
    • Development of IT teaching and learning materials
    • Training teachers to use, incorporate IT

    8) Education Policy

    • Education regulatory reform
    • National education policy development
    • Governance
    • Legal and financial capacity building

    9) Access to Education

    • Access for poor and rural communities
    • Access for girls
    • Integration of disadvantaged
    • Integration of disabled

    10) Private Sector Participation in Education

    11) Textbooks & Publishing

    • Textbook quality improvement
    • Textbook development
    • Textbook information systems

    12) Vocational Education

    • Curriculum Development and Implementation
    • Vocational Ed Administration
    • Vocational Ed Network Development
    • Teacher and Faculty Training by specialty

    13) School Networks

    • Secondary Schools
    • Higher Education Institutions

    14) Institution Building

    • Higher educational institutions
    • Secondary educational institutions
    • NGO"s

    Regional: work experience in one or more of the following countries or regions: Russia, Central Asia, South Caucasus, Western Eurasia, Afghanistan, the Balkans, or Turkey


    • Fluency in English (required)
    • Competence in Russian or any of the languages of the regions listed above (appreciated)

    All expenses for specialists and other services are paid for by recipient governments out of World Bank funds – not by the World Bank directly, and will be paid at normal per diem rates commensurate with their professional level.

    All the information you send us will of course be kept in the strictest confidence.

    How to Submit an Application for Short-Term Consultancies
    Please send cover letter, resume to Program Development Department via email to newprograms@americancouncils.org

    • Please indicate in your resume functional and regional area of your expertise.
    • Please format your resume and cover letter as a single-document attachment to your e-mail message. Microsoft Word is our preferred format.
    • Please write the phrase "GC Consultant" in the Subject field.

    MORE INFORMATION: visit our employment section at www.americancouncils.org.

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