First Global International Studies Conference

24 27 August 2005, Istanbul, Bilgi University
Deadline: 1 February 2005

The theme of the Conference is intended to be inclusive of different approaches, methodologies and conceptions of International Studies. We want to look at global problems through different lenses and regional and local problems from varying perspectives. Our aim is to bring together for the first time scholars from all parts of the world to examine the contrasting approaches and agendas of international studies, broadly conceived.

The Conference Committee is chaired by A J R Groom (Kent, Canterbury) and formed by the four Programme Chairpersons, Robert Kudrle, (Minnesota, USA), Bertrand Badie (Sciences-Po, Paris), Chung-in Moon (Yonsei, Seoul), Diana Tussie (Flacso, Buenos Aires) together with Ilter Turan (Bilgi, Istanbul), Clare Dekker (ECPR) and Tom Volgy (ISA). There will be a plenary to be addressed by the Turkish Foreign Minister and the Committee will organise three plenary roundtables on the themes of Multilateralism Facing Unilateralism, Neoliberal Economics and its Critics and The Crisis of the State in International Relations with participants drawn from different quarters of the globe. The Committee wishes particularly to encourage panels or papers on the following themes:

  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • New wars and soft security
  • Human rights and needs
  • Regional integration
  • Ecological and environmental questions
  • Global civil society
  • The UN at 60
  • Identity issues and fundamentalism
  • Cutting edges in IR theory
  • New trends in diplomacy and foreign policy
  • Imposition of democracy
  • Ethics in IR
  • Migration

This list is in no sense restrictive. The Committee invites submissions for panels or papers on other themes or topics as well. The Programme Chairpersons email is

The Conference is open to all members of any WISC member organisation and to others with like interests in the scholarly and practical aspects of international studies. The Conference Committee reserves the right to refuse permission to participate without giving a reason.


Individuals may propose linked panels, panels or papers by completing the attached form to be available very soon on this website. A linked panel consists of a number of panels (up to 10) on a particular theme. A panel consists of three papers, a discussant and a chairperson or it can take the form of a Round Table. Each panel lasts for 90 minutes. Paper givers will have 15 minutes for presentation, as will the discussant. Both panels and Round Tables should leave 30 minutes for discussion from the floor. Papers will normally be given in English. It is expected that paper givers will circulate their paper to all other participants on their panel. The only equipment provided is an overhead projector. A paper will be allocated to an appropriate panel, tabled or rejected. Panel proposals should include an international element among its participants or the Committee may exercise its prerogative to include such an element. A tabled paper is an official contribution to the Conference but one which will not be discussed in a panel due to the exigencies of time, space or topic. Such papers may be placed in the paper room.

Submission of proposals must be via the online system on this web site (see button on the left hand side of this page).


WISC takes no responsibility for the production and distribution of papers. However, there will be a paper room where paper givers may deposit copies of their work (25 copies are recommended) available gratis to other participants. The Conference is NOT distributing papers and participants must NOT send them in advance to Bilgi University. Neither WISC nor Bilgi will pay any charges. All the arrangements for delivery and distribution of papers are a paper givers responsibility. However, use may be made of the facility where paper givers may bring their papers and deposit them in the paper room from the opening of registration (not before).

Arrangements are in hand to enable participants to post an abstract of their paper on the website, along with their email so that others may request a copy of the paper.


The submission of panels and papers will be accepted until 1 February 2005. The deadline for responding to submissions is 1 March 2005. The Programme Committee will, however, confirm acceptance of submissions before the deadlines so that early submission is recommended.

Book Exhibition

There will be a book exhibition. For further information please contact Jeanne White (email:

Financial Support WISC has no resources from which to offer financial support to participants who should address themselves to their own associations, where appropriate, for such support. We are, however, grateful to Turkish Airlines (THY) for support for participants from the Balkans, Russia, the Near and Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Further information can be obtained from However, such support is limited.

The Conference Committee is acutely aware that this is a unique and somewhat perilous venture since we are trying to be global in our concerns, outlook and participation. Nolens volens we cross boundaries of academic culture and may on occasion tread on academic corns. We crave your indulgence but please draw matters to our attention gently if you will!