11th EDiNEB International Conference:

June 16-18, 2004 at the Center for the Arts, the College of Staten Island, The City University of New York, New York.
The deadline for abstract submission is February 1, 2004.

EDiNEB – Educational Innovation in Economics and Business – is open to a discussion of broad and innovative perspectives on cultural, economic, social, ethical, and technological forces that affect educators and corporate leaders in their efforts to prepare competent future leaders. The 11th EDiNEB conference will provide scholars, practitioners, and corporate leaders an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with each other in an informal, convenient, and collaborative way, and to define new directions for the future of business and learning.

The presentation and workshop sessions will be targeting: Dealing with multiculturalism, Global ethics, Innovative education practices, Integration of culture and education, Collaborative learning methods, Designing learning content, New architectures for learning platforms, Making economics relevant in business education, Interdisciplinary approaches to learning, Accreditation and innovation, From teaching to learning, Educating business professionals, Technology support for learning, Lifelong learning practices, Developing appropriate learning materials, Assessment methods for evaluation of learning, Leading the innovation charge in education centers, Business and education partnerships, Executive development methods.

We would like to invite you to promote this international event to your organization, your friends, and your colleagues in academic and business communities. EDiNEB welcomes proposals for paper presentations, workshops, symposia, and innovative sessions. Abstracts and papers submitted for the conference proceedings and the EDiNEB Book Series are peer-reviewed and published in print and electronic formats. The EDiNEB homepage http://www.edineb.net contains detailed instructions about the submission formats. The deadline for abstract submission is February 1, 2004.

For further information about the 11th EDiNEB conference please contact Ellen Nelissen, Coordinator, EDiNEB Network, at Ellen.Nelissen@EDUC.unimaas.nl or P.O. Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands, ph: 31-43-3883770, fax: 31-43-3884801 orAlex Matveev, Chair, EDiNEB Organizing Committee, at matveev@postbox.csi.cuny.edu.

Alexei V. Matveev, Ph.D.
Department of Business
College of Staten Island - CUNY
matveev@mail.csi.cuny.edu http://www.csi.cuny.edu http://www.library.csi.cuny.edu/dept/business/

Chair, Organizing Committee 11th EDiNEB International Conference Staten Island, New York, USA, June 16-18, 2004 http://www.edineb.net http://www.csinews.net/events/