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Bulletin of Russian Communication Association "THEORY OF COMMUNICATION AND APPLIED COMMUNICATION", Issue 1

In November, 2002 the Institute of Management, Business, and Law (Rostov-on-Don) supported the publishing of the first issue of the RCA collection of research articles, which is a bilingual publication consisting of analytical and review articles of the Russian Communication Association members from different cities of Russia (Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Samara, Saratov, Kaluga, Volgograd, Perm, Stavropol, Pereslavl-Zalessky). The authors represent leading Russian schools researching communication issues from the standpoint of communication theory, philosophy, logics, linguistics, philology, psychology, economics, sociology, computer science, and with an interdisciplinary approach. Besides, this publication includes two articles of our colleagues from American institutions (City University of New York, University of Memphis, University of Kansas), who are involved in researching development of this field in Russia.

The topics of the research articles encompass a broad scope of problems of communication theory and methods of communication research, communication competence, international terminology in communication, mass media and PR, business and professional communication, political and other types of discourse, cross-cultural communication, computer-mediated communication, production and perception of language (text) messages, semantics and pragmatics of discourse, technology of communicative and speech processes, philosophical and concrete scholarly problems of communication, argumentation, understanding and other adjacent aspects.

Applied fields in the publication are education, management, business, judicial and law system, international relations, electronic communication, social work and public relations, journalism, governmental and political system, art, medicine and other fields. We believe that such representation of different approaches, directions and views on communication of different authors most of whom have degrees in philology, psychology, economics, sociology, philosophy, pedagogy, communication allowed to demonstrate a broad scope of research in communication, their status and further development perspectives in Russia.

Translations of the articles in the collection of research articles allowed to broaden the reader audience in the world and introduce results of Russian communication research and leading scholars themselves to the world scholarly community. We would like other RCA publications to go on with this approach and present a broader circle of Russian and foreign specialists in the communication theory and practice, and we are inviting everybody interested to present their articles for the coming issues of RCA publication.

The authors of the articles selected for the two-language publication of collected research articles will get it for free. The cost of the publication for others is 100 rubles (plus shipping expenses). Anybody interested in purchasing the publication should contact Irina Nikolaevna Rozina (e-mail: rozina@iubip.ru).

    Collected research articles, Bulletin of Russian Communication Association "THEORY OF COMMUNICATION AND APPLIED COMMUNICATION", Issue 1 / Edited by I.N. Rozina, Rostov-on-Don: Institute of Management, Business and Law Publishing, 2002. - 168 p. There will be an announcement about a 2003 RCA collection of articles and the requirements for authors at the beginning of next year.

Irina N. Rozina

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