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the International Journal of discussion and democratic revival

Controversia: the International Journal of discussion and democratic revival is a new reviewed, interdisciplinary journal where questions concerning connection of the theory and practice of discourse and policy are discussed, and the authors of it try to find ways to interest a reader in the thoughts about the role of a dialogue and discussion in the development of public government forms in the conditions of new-born and developed democracy. We announce the manuscript reception, devoted to the questions of theoretic, historic and/or practice connection among problems dealing with structure and practice of political government and society competence in the sphere of critical thinking, argumentation, and violation of one's own interests and conducting discussions. For example, in manuscripts questions of interaction between discussion rhetoric and government systems discourse and social openness and defendance from terrorism, public debates and collective decision can be discussed; and also, the methods of studying arts of conducting arguments, which help to transform methods of accepting decision and conducting discussion (including academic models of debates and a dialogue), and also it assists the development of the strategy of involving public. We invite to participate in publications those, who develop theoretical and philosophical conceptions and use critique - theoretical, discourse - analytical, historical and empiric methods. Thus, the manuscripts, concerning the questions of history, theory and critique of social controversy are accepted for participation in the competition.

Controversia: The Open Society Institute together with the International Association of discussion education sponsors the International Journal of discussion and democratic revival. Accordingly, we plan to publish articles in which a number of questions, connected with the support of political cultures of democratic discourse and ideals of the open society are being discussed. It is important to take into consideration that the international audience will read manuscripts. The selected articles will be published in two languages: English and Russian.

Controversia: The International Journal of discussion and democratic revival is edited together with David Cratis Williams (Department of Philosophy and Liberal Arts, Missouri University, Rolla) and Marilynn J. Young (Department of the theory and practice of discourse, Florida State University, Tallahassee). You can address all the questions you have to Dr. Young (myoung@garnet.acns.fsu.edu) or Dr. Williams (dcw@umr.edu). Manuscripts must be written in English or Russian, double spaced on one side and prepared for an anonymous review. There must be a front page and a short summary. Pay special attention to standards of MLA, APA or Chicago style. Three copies of every manuscript; an electronic copy (format MS Word or Word Perfect) should be available. It is not preferrable to send articles on e-mail. The address is given below:

David Cratis Williams, Co - editor Controversia
Department of Philosophy and Liberal Arts
G-4 Humanities / Social Sciences Blding
University of Missori at Rolla
Rolla, MO 65409-0570 USA
(573) 341-6951 Fax: (573) 341-6312

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